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About Us

About us.

We are Frontline Defender. We are here for our nation’s best: those who have served and those who are still serving, their families, and their supporters.

Military, police, fire, EMS, and medical care. These, and other first responders, are the people working the frontlines, whether it be in a foreign country protecting our great nation, the streets of an American city, or in hospitals and care facilities anywhere.

These hardworking men and women do what most can’t or won’t. They run towards the danger. They face fear every day. They protect, they heal, and they help us recover.

We sell uniforms, patriotic apparel and collectibles, and more in support our nation’s defenders.

Our store is run by veterans of military and public service. We get it. We understand what it takes to serve and how important it is to stand with those on the frontlines.

We also give back. We contribute to a variety of charitable organization who work closely with veterans of the military and public service including: Lift for the 22, COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors), Veteran’s Outreach of Wisconsin, and Wounded Warrior Project. We have also created our own non-profit, Code 10-78, which will help serve first responders with PTSD and prevention of first responder suicide.


What else is Frontline Defender?

We are more than just a retail store. For many, we are like an American Legion, or a VFW. We have become a safe-haven, a comfort zone, a ‘friendly’ environment.

We’ve had folks from all walks-of-life come in and share stories with us, whether it be tales of military assignments, first responder calls of service, or just day-to-day events. We love to hear those stories.

We like to make our heroes, and those who support them, more comfortable. Our goal is to reinforce what makes our Country great and admire those who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Our ultimate goal to show pride in our Country and those who have risen up to defend this great land of ours and her people.

We thank each and every one of you for the love and support we’ve received. We will continue to work tirelessly in support of our Nation’s defenders.